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What is Editions Gadoury interested in purchasing and how?

Editions Gadoury is interested in buying every kind of coin from any period in time: from ancient Greek coins to the newest Euro coins.

Editions Gadoury prefers to purchase Medieval coins, Renaissance coins and Modern coins:

Amongst the Medieval coins, we are particularly interested in coins from the Mint of Northern and Provencal Italy.

With regard to modern coins, Editions Gadoury prefer Marenghi or Napoleon's collections, and their multiples and under-multiples, that were in circulation within the Latin Union and all the nations that created coins according to the regulations of the Union.

Editions Gadoury is able to send an agent to evaluate any kind of business opportunity that you may have. Every transaction is done with absolute discretion and in accordance with the laws of the Principality of Monaco.

How is Editions Gadoury interested in selling coins and why?

Editions Gadoury has an wide range of coins of offer to all customers: from the ancient Greek coins, to the most recent Euro coins.

If you require any information or would like to discuss a coin related business opportunity please do not hesitate to write to our e-mail address or come and meet with us directly in the Principality of Monaco.

Two different kind of coins.

It is useful to distinguish coins from two different categories. These are the coins that come under the field of numismatics and then also those considered to be Large Market Coins.

When we talk about coins with a numismatic value, we refer to coins that have a value that is superior than the intrinsic value of the precious metal they are made of (gold, silver, bronze etc.). This increased value is put down to several aspects including rarity, rate of preservation and market demand.

When buying Large Market Coins one must be more careful that when buying coins with a numismatic value. This is primarily because the price of Large Market Coins is based purely on the current price of gold and it is influenced by all metal price fluctuations.

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