1. The present general conditions of sale apply to all sales of coins, euro coins, books, etc. concluded on this internet site: www.gadoury.com
  2. The customer declares to be 18 years or older and in full belongings of his/her rights.
  3. An order can be processed using any of the following methods: " By internet: www.gadoury.com " By fax: 00377 93501339 " By mail: 57, street Grimaldi, Panorama - MC 98000 MONACO
  4. The Editions Gadoury reserves the right once an order is received to cancel it in the case of unavailability.
  5. Prices are net and listed in Euro. They can be changed at any time without notice; however, the ordered articles will be invoiced at the price listed during the recording of an order.
  6. The customer can make payment(s) by credit card. The transaction will be processed through the protected website of the Banque Populaire Cote d'Azur which gives the best security environment. Editions Gadoury accepts all types of credit cards with the exception of American Express. In the case in which the customer would like to use another form of payment (mandate, check, etc) he/she should contact our offices by telephone, fax or email. " Tel: 00377 93251296 " Fax: 00377 93501339 " E-mail: contact@gadoury.com
  7. All orders will be delivered to the address requested, either in France or abroad. The delivery time takes into consideration the preparation and the expedition. In general, orders are delivered within 5 working days in France. The Editions Gadoury is not responsible for any delays in delivery. For deliveries abroad (outside the European Union) and to the French overseas territory, possible taxes might be charged at customs. These costs must be paid by the customer. The Editions Gadoury cannot be considered responsible for customs taxes and it is not its duty to verify and communicate these costs to the customer. The Editions Gadoury reserves the right to suspend without advance notice or justification delivery to a zone, in France or abroad, for which it cannot t assure a safe and reliable service of delivery. In that case, any payments already completed would be totally refunded to the customer.
  8. If the Customer does not receive his/her order within one week from the dispatch date: - the customer should verify the accuracy of the delivery address. - the customer should inquire at his/her own post office. If the searches above remain inconclusive, the customer is asked to get in touch with Editions Gadoury's customer service. In the case of disappearance or theft of the delivery, the customer is asked to inform Editions Gadoury as soon as possible. An inquiry will be made with the post office or with the company responsible for the shipping. Only after having excluded the responsibility of the customer, the Editions Gadoury will then proceed to refund the order. Editions Gadoury recommends you do not accept the delivery if the packaging is damaged. The acceptance of a damaged package engages the responsibility of the customer.
  9. The Editions Gadoury remains owner of the goods up to their complete payment by the customer. From the time of delivery the customer is held responsible in the case of disappearance or degradation of the goods. For every order the Editions Gadoury will send an invoice by email to the customer, mentioning all the information given by the customer. The customer is required to verify the accuracy of this information and to indicate any possible corrections that need to be made.
  10. The Editions Gadoury treats the customer's personal information according to the current regulations. Every customer has a right of access and rectification concerning his/her information. It is possible that the customer may receive commercial propositions via email or mail --if he/she does not wish to receive any of these, please contact us by providing: First and last name, address and e-mail address: (by email at (contact@gadoury.com or by post at Le Panorama 57 street Grimaldi-MC 98000 Monaco)
  11. The customer agrees not to use programs or manual processes to copy Editions Gadoury's internet pages, images or information without our written authorization. In any case, the information, images, logos and other types of information contained on Editions Gadoury's site may not be copied, used, modified, diverted or sold for private or commercial purposes. We authorize our customers to create links towards Editions Gadoury's home site.
  12. The customer may buy any product present on the electronic catalogue of www.gadoury.com at the time of the order. The images and the technical information concerning a product may not be complete. In the case of obvious error between the characteristics of the product and its representation, the Editions Gadoury cannot be considered responsible.
  13. The Editions Gadoury declines any responsibility in the situation that a product does not respect the current legislation in the country of the customer (censorship, ban on a title or on an author). The customer has to verify with the local authorities the possibility of import or use of the products which he/she intends to command. The Editions Gadoury declines any responsibility in case of non-compliance with a contract due to major cases of disruption (strike, flood, fire). In any case the Editions Gadoury cannot be considered responsible in case of loss of value or of devaluation, of lack of profit or any other damages unpredictable at the time of the purchase or the consultation.
  14. By making an order on www.gadoury.com, the customer confirms to have read these general conditions of sale and to accept them. Therefore the customer forfeits using any other contradictory documents. Making an order implies the acceptance of the present general conditions of sale. The present general conditions of sales are modifiable at any moment without advance notice.
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