2 euro of Honoré V

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2 euro of Honoré V

In recent weeks, rumors have been circulating about a new currency in Monaco.

Actually, a 2 euro coin issued in the Principality will be available for sale in a few days/ weeks.

Do you have many questions?

We answer for you the questions that we are most asked about it.

For exemple:

  1. So what is this new coin long-awaited by collectors of 2 euro?
  2. Who was the Prince Honoré V?
  3. What are the coins minted during the reign of Honoré V?
  4. When will the new Monaco coin be issued?
  5. Where to buy Monaco's new 2 euro commemorative coin?

Dear collectors, coins lovers, we will tell you everything you need to know in this article. The new coin of Monaco will have no secrets for you.

So what is this new coin long-awaited by collectors of 2 euro?

This is the 2 euro BE (Belle Epreuve or PROOF) commemorating the 200th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Prince Honoré V in 1819. This Prince of Monaco, having reigned in the 19th century is part of the long line of Grimaldi. This coin of 2 euro minted only  in 15,000 ex. will complete the collections of fans of coins of  2 euro from Monaco.


What happened during the reign of Honoré V?

Did you know ?

After the upheavals of the revolutionary period, which went so far as to rename Monaco to Fort d'Hercule, the Princes of Monaco were restored to their legitimate and immutable rights over the Principality by the Treaty of Paris in 1814.

Honoré-Gabriel, after a brilliant military career and his role as first rider of the Empress Josephine, resumes the road to Monaco to succeed his father and his uncle Prince Joseph who had administered the Principality until 18 January 1815, on behalf of his brother Honoré IV gravely ill.

On his way to Golfe-Juan, it is said that he met the Emperor Napoleon I returning to Paris. This return and the period of Hundred Days that would bring the Treaty of Vienna in 1815 and the bilateral treaty, signed in Stupinigi November 8, 1817, which imposes a Sardinian protectorate and a Sardinian garrison, will cause difficulties between Monaco, Menton , Roquebrune and Monti. By Article 7 of the Treaty the King of Piedmont-Sardinia imposes the price of his currencies in the Principality without recognizing the minting rights of the Princes of Monaco. Consequently, the coins of the kings of Piedmont-Sardinia circulate in Monaco from 1817 to 1860.

France, for its part, invokes the "change of circumstances" to refuse to pay Honoré V the indemnity which it owed him, fixed at 4.5 million gold francs in 1815.

The administrative and judicial reorganization of the Principality is one of the many tasks to which the Prince is attached. However, the poor financial situation inflicted on the country forces it to take unpopular decisions, particularly in tax matters. It tries to fight against unemployment by a policy of major works: landscaping St Martin's gardens, modifications of the Prince's Palace, construction of a road connecting the Condamine to the Rock.
Honoré V, with the aim of cleaning up his finances and reaffirming his right of minting, reinstated the Mint at the Palace. However, following a misunderstanding with France and the hostility of the King of Piedmont-Sardinia, this workshop quickly stopped all activity after productions in silver, bronze, brass or copper, issued in 1837 and 1838 and recognized late as very good quality for money after being unfairly denigrated (The "monacos" of the nineteenth century).
Honoré V, single, dies in Paris on October 2nd, 1841 without legitimate descent. His brother Florestan I (1841-1856) succeeded him.

Do you know the coins issued during the reign of Honoré V?
Under the reign of this Monegasque prince many coins were minted. Take for example the 5 silver francs of 1837 or the 20 gold francs of 1838. These coins are estimated today at several thousand euros in UNC state.

Already, at that time, numismatics was part of the history of Monaco.

For more information, you can refer to the book Monnaies Françaises which also lists all the coins of Monaco from 1640 to the present day. Even today, this long tradition is perpetuated and the Monaco coins remain very popular. Whether in francs or today in euros, coins issued in the Principality remain the elite collector's coins of € 2. We all remember the success of the 2 € Grace Kelly.

When will the new Monaco coin be issued?
This currency is planned for the end of summer or the beginning of autumn. At this moment, nothing is certain about the date of the new 2 euro Monaco, but as soon as we know more, as usual, we will inform all our customers. To be part of the privileged and not to miss the news sign up for our newsletter.

Where can I buy the new 2 euro of Honoré V?
Like every other new coin from Monaco, the 2 euro Honoré V will be sold at the Museum of Stamps and Coins of Monaco. And as for other coins, many will try to buy it the day of its emission. If like many collectors of 2 euros, you can not get it through this way, do not hesitate to contact us.

Based in the Principality for many years, numismatic experts and the whole team of Editions V. Gadoury, are listening to our customers for their specific research. Whether you are looking for a very rare coin of Monaco in francs or euro, do not hesitate to contact us for any request. We also invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive first and foremost all the numismatic information of the Principality of Monaco.

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