Sale online of gold coins and ingots

The price of these coins varies with the price of gold, in fact the cost of these coins depends by the value of their gold content.


NameTitleCountry Weight Fine Weight We sell at Quantity Premium over spot * Availability
Italie - 20 lire oro gold marengo Carlo FeliceItaly6,45 g.5,81 g. 498.931739%
Royaume Uni-1/2souverain souvereign sterlina-Victoria Mature U.K.4,00 g.3,66 g. 271.341620%
Mexique - 50 Pesos gold or - dates mixtesMexico41,66 g.37,50 g. 2,502.09148%
Pays Bas - 10 Gulden Guillemine tete jeune Holland gold orNetherlands6,73 g.6,06 g. 456.751422%
Malte-10 Pounds 1972- or-goldMalta6,00 g.5,50 g. 390.761115%
Italie - 20 lire oro gold marengo Vittorio Emanuele SardegnaItaly6,45 g.5,81 g. 430.731020%
Italie - 20 lire oro gold marengo Umberto IItaly6,45 g.5,81 g. 405.601013%
Espagne et colonies 1 Escudo 1786-1820Spain3,38 g.2,96 g. 265.161045%
France-100 Francs-Angel-dates mixtesFrance32,25 g.29,00 g. 2,114.11918%
Royaume Uni - souverain or - sovereign gold - sterlina - 2017U.K.8,00 g.7,32 g. 511.02913%
* The premium over the spot is already included in our selling price. This premium is a percentage percentage that we add to the value of the weight in gold of the coin. Therefore, to calculate our selling price, just multiply: Premium over the sport X weight of fine gold of the coin X Gold spot.
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