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The Art of Numismatics in a gold coin

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The Art of Numismatics in a gold coin

Depicting his infamous Cloaca-machine, Wim Delvoye’s Fiji coin is inspired by how PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) are constructed and pays tribute to the digital revolution that was made possible by these computer circuits.


Clearly referring to contemporary developments in Artificial Intelligence, the makeability of the human body and brain, nanotechnology, biotechnology and the increasing digitization, Wim Delvoye uses the PCB-design to establish a link with blockchain technology, connecting the monetary aspect with the digital world, just as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do.

Composition AU999

Weight 31.1G 1 Oz

Diameter 38,61 mm

Face Value 10 Dollars

Mintage 250 ex.

Origin Republic of Fiji

Quality Proof

Year 2019

Made by Royal Dutch Mint.

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