Editions Gadoury has gathered a list of links that we consider to be reliable and accurate. Here you are able to find links to the best Numismatic Associations, Numismatic Magazines, and Numismatic Professionals all around the world. In this way, wherever you are based, you are able to ensure the right reference to investigate and develop your Numismatic passion and make your own numismatic investments.


ASS. - IANP International Association of Professio

Bruxelles. 14, Rue de la Bourse, B-1000. Email:

Gallery - IBelgica

Belgium Coins

PRO. - Münzhandel 2002 GmbH

Großostheim. 43a, Gundastraße, 63762. Email:


MA-Shops GmbH, Nordstr. 15, 46399 Bocholt -Germany

Gallery -

Gallery of the 2 euro coins

PRO. - Numismatica Moreda

Valladolid. 14, Miguel Íscar, 47001. Email:

Forum - Imperio Numismatico

Spanish Forum

Gallery-Onzas Macuquinas

Incredible collection of Spanish coins

PRO. - Maison Palombo

Marseille. 22, la Canebière, 13001. Email :

PRO. - Patrick Guillard

Paris. BP 41, 75261 cedex 06. Email :

PRO. - Montay Numismatique

Saint-Julien sur Suran. 123, rue de la Condamine, 39320. Email:

PRO. - Sogefinumis

Nice. 9, Rue Gounod, 06000. Email:

PRO. - Gimbert Numismatique

Marseille. 95, bd Notre Dame, 13006. Email:

PRO. - La Parpaiolle

Marseille. 10, rue Bernex, 13001. Email:

PRO.- Les eurobillets

PRO. - Monnaies d'Antan

Poses. 1, rue du renel, 27740. Email:

PRO. -

Lyon. 33, rue Sainte Hélène. 69002. Email:

Forum - ACNRF

Association Culturelle de la Numismatique Royale Francaise

BLOG - Euros en

Silver euros of France

Gallery -

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