Why are gold ingots and gold coins are usually a safe investment?

As with many other numismatic companies, Editions Gadoury has an entire department dedicated to gold and gold coins (Large Market Coins). With these kind of transactions, we buy and sell ingots and gold coins based on the quotations of the London Market. In Paris there is no longer an official gold listing.

In recent years, investments in gold coins or Large Market Coins have performed very positively. The international financial crisis and crash of the stock exchange has been of influence to all savers.

Even if the world financial situation were to improve dramatically soon, we believe that gold and the demand of gold coins will continue to remain high and will not slow down, especially due to the huge demand originating from emerging economies such as China, Brazil, Russia and India.

Editions Gadoury is interested to buy and sell every kind of gold ingot and gold coins from every period of time.

Editions Gadoury is able to send an agent to evaluate any kind of business opportunity that you may have. Every transaction is done with the upmost discretion and by following the strict laws of the Principality of Monaco.

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